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What is In the Book
Chapter 2
The Four Biggest Myths in America
Chapter 8
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Chapter 9
Medicine is Not Scientific
Chapter 18
Follow Your Inner Knowing
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Things to Be

Bazuji - You and Your Being (Body/Mind/Spirit) Perfect, connected as one, and Fully

The "I AM" Perfectly Expressing

Includes things like:

  • Full of Energy
  • Full of Life
  • Love
  • Healthy
  • Well
  • Crystal Clear thinking
  • Peaceful Energy
  • Emotionally Poised
  • Spiritually Aware
  • Relaxed Strength
  • Boundless Humor
  • Joyful Happiness
  • Self Healing
  • Balanced Living
Quotes from MD's

Dear Dr. Jamie

This is to let you know how much I enjoyed your new book "The Creator's Manual For Your Body", an extremely apt and truthful title. And I like the way you remind readers repeatedly that everyone is different, and that you are completely unafraid to talk about god in a simple and straightforward way. You tell people clearly and simply what they need to do to achieve wellness for themselves, and even indicate they always have the choice. Your approach is deep and thorough, your material well researched and you give copious references. Your writing style is enthusiastic and you impart your wisdom in a frankly inspiring manner. Each chapter is patiently, gently and well thought out, with superb analogues and illustrative stories. I completely agree that chapter 18 is the most important

Your disclaimer is unique and unusual, indicating you are not afraid to take on the powers that be. I like your application of quantum physics, and your emphasis on consciousness. Your book is especially helpful in providing explicit instructions as to how anyone can accomplish wellness and health, if they so choose. Having devoted my life to the traditional medical profession I accept your assessment as quite valid, although it is the system itself and the way it is administered that limits and paralyzes the practitioners, and many are reticent about speaking out. Most sincerely,
-- Derek H. Spark, M.D. CBP
Sylmar, CA 91342-7940

Dr. Jamie,

I read it through the whole night (mean literally) and my inner knowing told that it was perhaps one of the most important books I've ever read. The thoughts in it resonated deeply in my being with all what I knew, guessed and felt related to health and cure and care.

I am a Hungarian MD, 48 years old, a used-to-be surgeon for 13 years, father of two great children: a 23y daughter and a 19 y son and a loving husband of a loving wife since 24 years (she is a family physician).

During the whole night I read with joy and cheer the "Manual" I felt it has been written and told by my spiritual "brother". I recognized the ideas, some of them I discussed with many of my friends openly, some of them I guessed and some of them were not even put into shape in my thoughts. But all of them were as good old friends, some seen yesterday some ages ago.

As I finished the book at about 5 a.m. I knew at once what my inner knowing told me all the time having enjoyed your script. And finally this inner voice told that I have to search on finding out what health is and how can I contribute to my brethren's health without cutting them apart and trying to put them together again.

So thanks a lot for your gift, the precious script and for making it accessible. Best wishes for You and all Your Loved-s
Peter Divinyi, MD

Quotes from non MD's

I was fortunate enough to be able to read Dr. Jamie Fettig's book electronically. As a conventional and alternative Health care provider, I would like to recommend that this book is made available to the whole Planet Earth and that you will promote it. This is a very seriously needed and open-minded book This book is a very amazing work of facts not known to most people. Unless Mankind changes its consciousness as described in this book "The Creators Manual for Your Body" people will remain ill and very miserable which is not at all necessary. I would recommend 5 Stars in Gold for this GREAT Book. - Thank you Munawaroh English - Australia

A manual that EVERY BODY needs. This book is a very well put together manual that anyone can benefit from. Jamie address different topics regarding how to improve your health in a clear step by step process that is easy to follow. His writing style keeps you interested from the moment you pick up the book! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel good now and forever. -- Carrie Fitzsimmons

Meaty, juicy information delivered in a simple way. Although it resonates truth, And even though it is simple, it's hard to believe it could be so simple. -- Adrienne matt

A "must read" for anyone who has ever considered following a medical doctors advice. Monica Watkins


"It makes sense. It just makes sense." -- Steph Wiegel

I enjoyed your book and learned many things. I do have a bigger desire to get bazuji. What I read in the book is giving me the desire to do it. It was there before I read the book, but now it is stronger. I will recommend it and buy copies for others as gifts. Jolene Fettig

This is a wonderful book that is easy to read and helps you get your health and life back on track once you are committed to doing so. -- Lori Johnson

This is a must read! This is an amazing, enlightening book for the whole mind-body-spirit. You can tell the author practices what he preaches, and he presents the material in a clear, easy to read manner. -- Amy Calvanese

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